Wednesday, September 9, 2009
a day that will be permanently marked on my calendar. 080909. goodbye my dear. love you forever.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009




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Monday, July 27, 2009

21st july------------ happy birthday HUIXIANG!!!!!!!!!!

27th july------------ happy birthday QIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
你的脸越是残忍, 就代表你的内心越是脆弱. 明明知道你会受伤,却只能默默看你忍受. 我的决心,敌的过你的铁石心肠吗?

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Saturday, July 18, 2009
night classsssssss.
reached school quite early and started doing emaths. then came mavis and karen. they were so funny. they then sat down at the table where i am and started doing work. after awhile, smsed daryl. then went to study area and studied with amanda, daryl, and kaven. talked alot to amanda. and studied. daryl and kaven dont know there laugh laugh laugh what neh. i go toilet also laugh.

around 8 plus then talking to daryl and kaven. and i found out something really hilarious. but they said i was very bad. haha.

something even more lame was! i was smsing with junice when we were just 15 metres apart??????? she got too bored and came over to look for us and start eating!!!!! she looked hungry.

went home around nine. what i funnnnn night. can study can talk. :)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009
today was social etiquette course!!!!!

it was funnn. everyone dressed up. i suppose everyone was happy today. take lots and lots of photos! this is the first time i see so many people bringing the cameras. i think 4e4 is just so funny! when we want to take photos. for example 2 people want to take photo. in less than 5 seconds, you will see another 20 people crowding beside you wanting to take photos. i am one of them too. so funny.

at the table, i think we were the only table that had all girls. 8 of us. biaos(2), pauline, joanne, amanda, eesing, peiying and myself. some of us really dont know how to eat, the french fries fly here fly there. dont know how to pour chilli sauce. still had to have another instructor to teach us. so cool. haha.

we started the day with the first part of the lecture, then changed. after changing, when we walked pass the classes, many people were looking at us. so 尴尬!!! when pauline walked pass e5, some people were like wow wow wow. then she say why walk here??? then we walk e1 and e2 classroom there she also say why walk here...... then i was laughing and laughing. she is so funny. haha

we were so busy taking photos and laughing here and there. ok! i remembered. i was singing some retarded song on the bus when going back to school. they laugh laugh laugh. then when i alighted, i saw qize and wanted to sing for him to listen. when i finished singing, i realised almost the whole class looking at me and i was shocked!!!! i really felt so retarded. haha. even Mr. Tan was looking and laughing. pauline still said:"你看! 每个人都在看你!" i seriously laugh until i no strength to go back to class. pauline keep laughing also! i sing one time she laugh one time.

when i was singing another song, they also laugh. but i also think i very nonsense la. peiying say i was insulting that song....... even it is quite true but no need like that right. haha. what a fun day........

outside swensens. this is the one that had everyone crowding around hamdan and me. so funny.

group photo outside suntec city.

the ladies table!

me and pauline on bus.


me and amanda! after a month we finally got our photo taken!

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during june holidays went to SENTOSA with family.... we just look like tourists.. haha. started out the trip by going to the underwater world. it didnt turn out as good as i expected. but maybe i just expected too much? hehe. but still saw lots of fishes and NEMO is so cuteeeee. i thought all NEMOs is orange. but i saw the black one. AND I TOUCHED STINGRAYS!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO SMOOTH................................................................ haha. then went to check into hotel.

RASA SENTOSA RESORT. the place was quite cosy and nice..... my sister and bro was so mean. the first thing they did was shit! in the same toilet. and said that was my room...... OMG!!! STINKY can? but at last i was mine la. after that went to palawan beach to have a walk before the dolphin show. they are so brilliant! so cute.....

after that we went for the SKYRIDE... it was sooooo scary.. and my slippers almost fell.... screaming and shouting all the way even it was slow and steady. muahaha. after that went for our dinner....... i eat until i cant breathe.......... this reminds me of rochelle <3!>

i was standing real straight bacause i am afraid i will vomit. haha. nice food though....

after dinner.... was SONGS OF THE SEA... it is a show... there are people, water, cartoon, and FIREWORKS!!!! haha. very nice! went back to hotel awhile then went down to arcade till 1 am. very fun... play billard, basketball parapara and racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slept at around 3.30am.

woke up at 8 for breakfast... then off to the beach to play volleyball........ play until very bored becasue dont know how to play then used the ball to play soccer.... so funny. back to hotel and bathe then sleep. intended to check out at 12 plus but dont know drag till what time. super funny. we packed everything then wanted to leave. end up all of us went into mummy daddy room to lie down again. but then left after sometime. haha. was a fun trip! love daddy and mummy!

touching the stingrays. just keep swimming swimming..

MERLION! so beautiful.

i saw black nemo!! i thought all were orange. hehe

arcade basketball. good right! my results ok!

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